Thursday, December 14, 2006

C.E.H. Charity Christmas Party

Thank you CEH students for 2006

We started CEH on April 5, 2006 and have been enjoying every minute of it. We want to say thank you to all of you who have joined our school and made it such a good year.

Our Christmas Charity Party on December 9 was attended by 40 people including former LIOJ teachers Soke, Brian and Dauane along with a couple of my friends, Roger and Todd. We are very happy to announce that through your generous donations we raised 44,500 yen which will be donated to Shaplaneer ( ) and a charity for Nepalese children.

May you all have a HAPPY HOILIDAY SEASON!
love, Conrad


Anonymous said...

I used to teach for LIOJ, and was sad to learn that Asia Center closed its doors. Until I found your homepage today, I often wondered where our former students would go, since some of them lived close by Asia Center. I'm very happy to know that someone dedicated to quality language instruction decided to remain in the area around Odawara, and open a new school. I recognize a couple of people in the picture, too, former students of mine.

Good luck with CEH!

Ryo Yoshida said...

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Your blog is very interest .
I want read more your blog.

8ape3115 Ryo Yoshida

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Conrad!
I looked your blog. It is very interesting and fun.
I was very surprised when I know I am same name your wife.
I am looking forward to seeing your baby!

8ABY1206 Aki Hosokawa

Anonymous said...

Your blog interested me.You looked very happy life.My heart was animated by your blog.

8AHM1105 Shigeko Nakahara

Anonymous said...

Good evening,Mr Conrad.
Thank you for everything you do for me.

I feel everyone looks fun when I saw these photos.
Everyone spends happily with friends.

Are you often hold the party for event?

I often spend listening to Christmas song for Christmas time.
For example,"Santa Tell Me" of Ariana Grande and "Christmas Love" of Justin Bieber.
Do you play any songs when you hold Christmas party?
What do you recommend for the music 70's and 80's?

I'm sorry that I write poor English.
See you tomorrow.

English R&W1 Mon&Thu3class 5BPE3203 Ruka Kawamura