Sunday, May 06, 2007

Golden Week

These holidays start from the end of April and finish around May 5. Dubbed Golden Week in 1951 by the managing director of Daiei Films because that week brought more movie-goers than any other time of the year. This year my GW was spent camping in Niijima. Niijima is a small island about a 9-hour ferry ride from Tokyo and although its far distance (163kms), it's still considered part of Tokyo. Aki and I joined the Tokyo Gaijin (a fun outdoor adventure group). In this group there where 68 participants from 14 different countries. My friends back home in CA all know that I'm no "boy scout", so fortunately Aki was able to set our tent up and despite the fierce winds it blew down just once. We really enjoyed the beautiful white-sand beach and even got in an afternoon of body-boarding. There was also a very nice and free outdoor onsen (hot spring). In addition to all the nature and healthy bike-riding, probably the best part was meeting very nice and interesting people (both Japanese and gaijin).


Unknown said...

I think I would have really enjoyed the outdoor onsen. How did you hear about this "Outdoor Adventure Group"? Did most of the group know each other already? Sounds like you and Aki had fun!

Anonymous said...

It sounds great that you enjoyed the camp at Niijima Island. I think you are lucky that Aki could make a tent.

I got the holydays three days from April 28 to 30 and four days from May 3 to 6. I didn’t go travel anywhere because each of my family has some business such as cram school, part time job or piano lesson, so we didn’t have a common day to go travel. For this reason, I solely went to Tokyo to enjoy my holiday on 5th of May. I watched the baseball game of Tokyo big6 baseball league at Jingu stadium. The game was Rikkyo university vs. Waseda university. I have watched Tokyo big6 universities baseball league almost every season for thirty years since I entered Waseda university.

This season is very different from the seasons that I watched in the past, because a lot of people more than twenty thousand came to the stadium. The reason is Waseda’s new coming pitcher Yuuki Saito. There were many people who only watched Saito. They were not interested in the game at all but only in Saito. When Saito appeared at the bullpen for warming up, many people moved to take photograph even though the game climaxed. This annoyed me because they disturb my pleasure.

Anyway, I love to watch university’s baseball game. I enjoy not only game but cheering and drinking beer at stadium.

Anonymous said...

Con, I'm glad you cut your hair! Aki-chan...I love the haircut!
Kyle is so internet savvy already..I've seen 5 videos of him :)...such a ham! I like the pictures here..but maybe you could resize them so when you click on the link to view larger..they become screen size..right now they are larger than screen size so you have to slide them for a complete view. The 'Outdoor Adventure Group' sounds really cool. I'd like to come for an outing!

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures at '' but you cannot click to enlarge. Was that intentional? The California BBQ picture, especially.. ;)