Monday, July 28, 2008

English Conversation CD's

Have you ever been paid over $1000 for one day's work? I sure hadn't. But a few months ago, my friend, Gayla, and I did some English narration work for Daiso, Japan's largest franchise of 100-yen shops.

The CD's are finally out, a total of 4 CD's and 4 accompanying booklets with both English/Japanese translations. A couple of the titles (shown in picture) are "English for Emergency Situations", eg. The water in the toilet won't stop running - Toile o nagashitara zutto mizu ga nagareteiru(トイレを流したらずっと水が流れている) and "English from Morning til Night", eg. Why don't you do a little house cleaning once in awhile? - Tamani wa souji shitara dou desuka? (たまには掃除したらどうですか?) I'm afraid my mom might want to say this to my dad sometimes, sorry dad! :)
Daiso is also international with nearly 500 stores outside of Japan. Friends in the Bay Area, please visit the Daiso in Union City, supposedly the biggest and best one there. Check to see if they have the CD's. They're a great way for you to study your Japanese. Don't forget to check for my name written on the back (in katakana - コンラッド・マツモト). And in case you didn't know, most items sold there go for $1.50, 50% more than the 100 yen we pay here in Japan.

Anyway, we were treated very well by Mayumi (Editor) and all the sound staff. We really enjoyed the whole process of making the CD's. But for me, I much prefer the face to face interaction I have with my students and the joys of teaching English. Having said that, Daiso, please call me when you make your next English CD :)


Anonymous said...

I looked for your English CDs and books at the Daiso in the Frespo in Kamonomiya, but I could find only an English CD for the 'Emergency situation'.The other CD and books all seemed to be sold out! I moved the last CDs to the prominent place! I'm going to go other Daiso to find and buy all kind of them.

Anonymous said...

I looked for your CDs and books at the DAISO in Frespo in Kamonomiya, but your CD and books excluding a CD for the emergency situation seemed to be already sold out. I'm going to go to other DAISO to find and buy all kind of your CDs and books!! By the way, I moved last CDs to the prominent place!

Anonymous said...

I also looked for your CDs at DAISO in Apri, but I couldn't find too. Do you know whether your CDs will be pubilshed again?

conrad said...

Hi Hideki and Masa, the CD's are still available at Daiso but sometimes they just may be out of stock. You know how popular they are, hehe JK. Please keep looking and also I have extra copies I can sell you at a discount; please ask next class!

Anonymous said...

To Hideki-san,
Today I stopped by at DAISO in Apri and they have the CDs and books at there.
The Daiso has two CD sections. Do you know that?
Perhaps, you might have forgotten to check the CD section in the stationery corner.
But please ask about that to Conrad at next lesson's day. We have a lot of the CDs.:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Aki,
Thank you for your information. I thought the CDs are stocked at
CD section. I'll ask Conrad at next lesson.