Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got Soy? Not Milk

Since about the age of 18, my body has rejected dairy products. If I drink milk, eat something with cheese or cream, I get a terrible stomach ache. Not being able to drink milk anymore is no problem since I never really liked it anyway. And nowadays it's quite easy to get soy anything.

As you can see in the pictures, I eat soy yogurt, soy ice cream and eat my cereal with soy milk. I recommend you dairy lovers out there to try switching to soy. It's healthier for you! Soy milk reduces cholesterol. Soy milk contains no hormones nor lactose. Soy milk contains only vegetable proteins. Soy milk is also rich in isoflavones, also known as cancer-fighting chemicals.

Do you know where soy milk comes from? The same country which has brought us paper, gunpowder, printing and silk also began the cultivation of soybeans earlier than 2000 BC. Of course, this country is China. Today, Brazil is the leader in soybean production as it surpassed the US a few years ago.

My other soy food favorites are: EDAMAME - a small green soybean that is usually boiled and served as a side dish, TOFU - made from soymilk that is curdled with mineral salts, MISO - a fermented soybean and grain paste that is used as a soup base.

Here are a few things to think about before you drink your next glass of milk. Isn't it strange that humans are the only animals that drink milk into adulthood. Is it natural for humans to drink cow's milk? So why do so many people swear by milk? Maybe it's because the Dairy Industry spends over $100 million dollars to build a demand for dairy products in the US. Lastly, did you know that the over 9 million cows in the US produce about 100 pounds of methane each per year? That amounts to almost a billion pounds of methane gas released into the atmosphere each year. This means that "Beef is a greenhouse-intensive food" and a major cause of global warming (with dairy a significant part of the problem).

I'll end by saying, in spite of all this, I still truly miss a nice CHEESE pizza!
Cheese is one of the only dairy products I miss that soy cannot really take the place of. Now I order my pizzas without cheese. I still enjoy the taste of the tomato sauce and crust but sure wish I could have some cheese! :)


Chiyoko said...

Hi Conrad,
Coffee-flavored soy milk is one of my son's favorite drinks. He likes Tofu, Miso, even Natto, but cannot eat edamame. :) Little strange... Since my son is very short for his age, many people say to me "Give him more milk!" Does soy milk contain calcium ??? I, myself, like any kind of soy products but soy milk. And I love whipped cream. Is there whipped soy cream ??

Hideki said...

You can buy many kindes of food made from soy milk like cheese cake, cookie and Baumkuchen at the shop "Kyono Tofuya FUJINO (Tokyo Midtown)".

Masa said...

Hi Conrad,
I've never understood the reason why you can't eat cheese till now. I used to drink a litter of milk which was made very very cold per a day when I was a teennager. So, it is not exaggeration to say that milk has made me bigger.
By the way, we often buy soy milk,too. Though there are many kinds of flavored soy milk, definately "Annin-flavered" soy milk is the best of all!!
Try it out!

Mariko Abe said...


Hi Conrad!
I didn't know soy ice cream.
Soy milk is very useful.

Shizuka Akiba said...

I'm Shizuka Akiba.I'm a student your English com writing class at Tokai Univ.I like soy beans and soy products too.:)But I can't drink only soy-milk...It is impossible for me to switching soy-milk from milk!

Hirona said...

Hi Conrad!
My name is Hirona Takahashi.
I drink soymilk everymorning.
Soymilk ice looks delicious!!
I am dericious when I put cocoa in soymilk.Please try it!

Chie said...

Hello Teacher!
I'm Chie Awata.
I can't drink only soy milk.
But, I like the other soy food.
For example, miso, tofu, natto, soy sauce. Japanese food needs soy.
I try soy milk.