Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Favorite Music

I love music. I've always been a "Top 40" radio guy.
I can count the number of albums/CD's I've actually went out and bought new.

I can remember the first 2 albums I bought.
The first album was my hero Elvis Presley. I was just 11 years old and ordered it from one of those TV commercials. It was COD (cash on delivery) and when the postman came to deliver it I was a few quarters short, but he was so nice and said not to worry, that he'd cover the rest for me. I think he could see how genuinely excited I was. :) The second album I bought was in 1978 at Tower Records; it was the soundtrack to Grease (I loved that movie!).

My favorite music is definitely from the 1980's. My high school years in the early 80's produced the best songs. Many good times and many good memories were made listening to those songs. Dancing to them at the many dances or singing along as I drove my car, these are some of my favorites:

- Another one Bites the Dust by Queen
Celebration by Kool & the Gang
1981 - Let's Groove by Earth Wind & Fire
Super Freak by Rick James
Tide is High by Blondie
Woman by John Lennon
1982 - Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago
Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataaa & The Soul Sonic Force
Rock the Casbah by The Clash
Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
We Got the Beat by The Go-Go's
1983 - Holiday by Madonna
Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper
True by Spandau Ballet
1984 - When Doves Cry by Prince

When students ask who my favorite musician is I usually answer Eric Clapton. He is the last musician I've seen in concert. He's a great artist but a lousy performer. He doesn't engage or interact with the audience at all. I saw him a couple of years ago at Budokan in Tokyo. The Beatles (another one of my favorite groups) were the first rock group to play there back in 1966.

Let me finish by saying I'll miss Michael Jackson.
I doubt if there will be a better singer/dancer in my lifetime. His music and his moves on the dance floor were electrifying. May he rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.conrad.
I love music too.I love Kimura Kaela.She is Japanese singer.I respect her.
I don't listen foreign country music.But,I try to listen foreign country music sometime.

8amn1218 Ayumi Tamoto

chihiro said...

Goodmorning Mr.conrad.
I listening to music everyday.
I like music very much.
My favorite musician is Ne-Yo.
His music is fell comfortable.
My recommendation song is
Miss Independent and Go On Girl.
Do listen this music :)★

8AJJ5121 Chihiro Kubota

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Conrad.I like listen to music too,and I interest 80's music.I bought CD album of Michael Jackson month ago.I like "P.Y.T" and "Billie Jean".I think his singing voice and dance is very cool.But I can't get many word.
Finally,I want to listen to music of your favorite musician's Eric Clapton.

See you next class!
8AHK3107 Kenta Kawamura

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.conrad.I like music too.
And I know Earth wind & Fire.
I like Fantasy and September.
September is very famos in Japan.
I like Eric Crapton very much.
I think he is the vest singer.

8AHK2211 Daiki Sugiyama

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.conrad.
I love music too.
So,I respect to Kawamoto Makoto for Japanese singer.
Please come listen to her songs.

8ahn1236 Kazuki Takahashi

shinnosuke said...

Hello Conrad.
I also have favorite music.
I like Bon jovi.
Especially the lyrics speaks to the heart.
Additionally, the voice of John who was vocal of Bon Jovi is so sweet.
If you listen this song, it's gonna be your favorite song.

9AHK1206 Chiba Shinnnosuke

SHO said...

Hello Mr Conrad Matsumoto.
i'm Matsumoto too.
I like American music.For exemple Michael Jackson.He often said poooo!!! very cool. toriumi can do moon walk :-) 

9aba2202 SHO "Shiyo" MATSUMOTO

Tsubasa said...

Hello Mr.matsumoto.conrad.
I like music verymuch.
my favorit singer is Ikimonogakari.
This group's member is kanagawa's peple.
9aba1203 Tsubasa Toriumi

Atsuko said...

Hello Mr.Conrad.
I like listen to music too.
My favorite singer is Mariah Carey.
She is very cute!
And her voice is sexy.
My best song is"Touch My Body".
Also,her cristmas song "All I Want for Christmas is You" is very famous.
I think She is the best singer!

8AHK2119 Atsuko Suzuki

Anonymous said...

Goodevening Mr.conrad.I love music too.My favorite Musician is Machel Jackson.I respect him.He's graetest singer and dancer.My favorite he's song is Thriller!!!
6ABR1130 Ryo Yamauchi

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Conrad.
I often listening music.
Previously,I bought King Crimson.
But it was quickly and I couldn't listening it.
I will soon listen to it.

8AJJ4235 Takuya Higuchi

Mizuki said...

Hello Mr,conrad.
I love music too.
My favorite artist is Michael Jackson.
His dance is very attractive.
The most favorite his song is BEAT IT.
How about you?

9AHK3214 Mizuki Misonou

Yuka Kumagai said...

Hello Mr.Conrad.
I know Earth wind & fire and Qween and so on.
I like Beatles the best in the foreign countris music.
So,I was glad when listening to the Beatles's song in the class!

9AHK2203 Yuka Kumagai

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.conrad.
I like listen to music too.
Michael Jackson is really cool!
My favorite his song is Beat it.
He is "King of POP".He is never!!!
See you next class:)

9APB1112 Daisuke Oki

Anonymous said...

Tomoaki said...
Goodmorning Mr.conrad.
My favorite music is Tuyoshi Nagabuchi.
He sings very well.
I respect him.

9AMW1213 Tomoaki Sanada

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Conrad.
I like music too.
I like R&Bmusic.
I can fly!!!!!!!

9ABA1119 masatoshi morotomi

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Conrad.
I love music too.
I especially like Japanesa-rock .
I want to go to a karaoke with you sometime .

9ABA1101 Yuki Morohoshi

Yuka said...

Good evening Mr,Conrad.
I love music too.I listen foreign contry music.My favorite musician is Daft punk.
Daft punk is an electronic duo.
Their music is very cool and exciting!

See you next class!

9AHA1104 Yuka Sadao