Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I miss about America

Of course what I miss most about America are my family and friends. But besides them, these are the things I miss the most. I miss the friendly people and spontaneous conversation that pops up almost anywhere you go. These are things that I would have never even thought I liked until now. For example, when I was shopping at Costco in Stockton the last time I was home, I only had a few items in my cart, the person in front of me said, "Oh, please go ahead". Then the next person in front of me said the same thing! Speaking of Costco, I miss not being able to go there at the spur of the moment and the drive taking only 10 minutes (from my parents' house). When we go to Costco here, it takes us 90 minutes to drive to Yokohama. And it costs over $50 bucks just on highway tolls and gas!

Let's talk food. Many people make fun of "American" food and say how lousy it is. I can't really argue against that but what I can argue about is that we have a huge variety of cuisines to choose from. My hometown is just slightly larger than Odawara but we have a wide variety of ethnic foods and some of the best Mexican, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. And until a few years ago, my friend, James, ran a restaurant called Yonedas that served some of the best Japanese food found in California. I also miss "mall food" such as "Cinnabon", "Mrs. Fields Cookies" and "Auntie Anne's Pretzels". Oh, and I miss "Jamba Juice"!

I miss being able to go out with $40 bucks (4000 yen) and not feel so poor. OK, that was awhile ago but it does go much further than it will here. I also used to love to go to the local park/school (or even in my backyard) and play basketball, for free! Here if you don't belong to a team (luckily I do), it's nearly impossible to play. This is the same for tennis. Back home, you can play tennis for free at the neighborhood park. Here you have to join a club (usually $100/month) or make a reservation to use the city facilities ($6/hour).

Finally, I miss the diversity of people we have in the states and the abundance of beautiful nature. Snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, uncrowded clean beaches and the big blue sky are all in my state, the "Golden State" of California. Someday I'd like to return to my home country. But right now, I'm very very happy to be here. :)


Naoyuki Uzawa said...

Tokai 9abg1226
It vere nice

Wakana.Yano said...

Soy Wakana,
?Como estas?^^

It sounds good,
playing basketball and tennis.
I want to go to America sameday.

Have a nice day.

Adios, hasta luego :-)

Anonymous said...

8AJJ2118 Yuta Suzuki

My home town is chiba.
I miss my hometown.
Because, I miss my friend.
But I have many friends in univercity.
I am very happy now.

Yui Ichimura said...

Picture is nice view.

Yui Ichimura

kazuki takahashi said...

Tokai 8ahn1236
It's beautiful picture!

Yuhei Hayashi said...

I think too that I'm sick for home at Italy but I'mhappy to live in Japan.

tokai 8abk1102

Anonymous said...

8ahd1202 Hitomi Suzuki

It is very very nice place!
I want to go there.
I like hometown too.
And,pictures are beautifl:-)

takashi tanaka said...

Tokai 9abb1160

America food delicious!

Mari said...

I love my friends.
If I will go to forein country,
I miss my friends.
So I can imagination your heart.

See you again!

9ahk2217 TOKAI
Mari Naoi

Anonymous said...

8ABY1124 Manami Maekawa

My hometown is Kagawa.
Kagawa’s famous food is Udon.
Udon is very cheap and delicious!!

I like playing basketball.

Picture is very nice!!

Anonymous said...

8ABA2207 NorikoYazaki

It's beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

8AHA1107 Mika Jimbo

It is a very wonderful Picture.
I think it is wonderful.

MIika Sekino said...

TOKAI 9abt1212

It's very astonish!!!

Anonymous said...

8AHN1123 Manabu Kuramoto
California is a place that overflows very naturally. I wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

Tokai 8ABA1201

Pictures is very beautiful.

I want to eating conrad's think best Japanese food in America.

It's delicious? In Japan's Japanese food better than Ameracan's?

I want to know your answer!!

See you next class, teacher.
Sayaka Akane

Ken Adachi said...

Tokai 8AJJ5226 Ken Adachi

The United States, but it was not yet, I want to go someday.
My hometown is Yokohama.
For my hometown, it's a special place.

Yui Utsugi said...

Tokai 8ABU1117 Yui Utsugi

It is nice picture.
I want to go America.

I like playing basketball.
But I don´t play basketball recently.
I want to play basketball someday.

Anonymous said...

tokai 8ahk3209
Yoshiko Saito

I want to go California.Because i have never been to America.
At that time i want to go shopping,sighseeing and more.

Yuki Ichikawa said...

I understanding America is good place.
I think the American food to very good with a vivit color.
Conrad likes Japan feel glad.

tokai 8abl1117
Yuki Ichikawa

saika said...

Hello Mr.conrad.

The picture of the snowy day is very beautiful!
I want to go to California and watch beautiful nature.

8amn1209 Saika Tajima

Anonymous said...

8AHN1136 Juhita Fukuda

It has heard Costco.
Mother was occasionally going there.
Then, the bought cookie is too sweet.
Therefore, it was not able to finish eating one once and it often embarrassed it.

Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

8AJJ3114 Nozomu Kamosida

This blog is very interesting!
I want to see nature in california.
And American food culture is interesting.

Finall, Japanese highway is high price.

Anonymous said...

9abu1122 Ayaka Ito

I had ever been to America.
And I thought I want to go there.

My hometown is Tokyo.
I'm glad to near my hometown.

Anonymous said...

My hometown is Yamagata.
Yamagata's famous food is Imoni.
It's very good tast!!!

See you again!

Daisuke Oki

Anonymous said...

I think America is very nice place.

I want to go America someday!

See you again.

Tokai Uni.
9abt1202 Hikaru Matsuda

yusuke said...

8AHN1212 yusuke imai

Picture is very beautiful.
It make me happy.

Kouji Yamashita said...

Though there is much similar comment, it is a beautiful photograph. It seems to be a picture postcard. I want to go sometime.

Tokai 6ABT1213

Junko Ueno said...

8AHN1209 Junko Ueno

Hello Conrad!!
I love my hometown too:)
My hometown is Kawasaki.
Kawasaki is very comfortable city.
But there has not beatiful nature.
So I want to visit your hometown!

RINA OKANO said...

Hello Conrad!!

It's beautiful picture.
I want to go America!!
It's nice place.

Good bye!


8ahk3207 Yuichiro Sawada said...

the time that is with the friend is fun.
therefore,I like it.

Takuya Yamazaki said...

Let's play basketball with me!!

9ahn1132 Takuya Yamazaki

Anonymous said...

akihiro yamaguchi

it is great.

9AHN1218 Rio Sugimoto said...

I had gone to COSTCO in Makuhari.
It is nice place:)

Anonymous said...

Tokai 8AHM1113
Megumi Kuribayashi

Hello Conrad.
Very beautiful picture.
I love my high school's friends.
But they live far for my house.
I want to meet them.

Good bye!

Anonymous said...

8AJJ2119 Eichi Uegata

Those picturs are very beautiful.
I want to go to America.

Amer Kurdi said...

Hello Conrad , it's me Amer ...
It's nice pictures , I really love America .
Absolutely I love to watch American movies and listen to American songs ,
and I want to go to America ( maybe after a year ) to studying more English , so I'm looking for English school these times

Anonymous said...

Hello Conrad , it's me Amer ...
It's nice pictures , I really love America .
Absolutely I love to watch American movies and listen to American songs ,
and I want to go to America ( maybe after a year ) to studying more English , so I'm looking for English school these times