Monday, September 03, 2012

"Summer lovin' had me a blast...

Summer lovin'   happened so fast!"  Summer flew by and tomorrow it's back to using the alarm clock (5:30am) for one of my university jobs!  I know I can't complain.  I didn't use the alarm clock for 2 weeks; Taiga was our alarm clock!  Luckily he sleeps in until 7-8am.  This summer we stayed pretty local, no long nor far trips.  My friend Cindy and her daughter from back home visited and brought some CA to us though.  We had so much fun with them!  I made it to the beach a few times too.  My tan wasn't half-bad this summer.  It also helped taking Taiga to the swimming pool. He loves the water.  When I was his age, my mom took me and my brothers to swim lessons.  So what can you teach a 2yo?!  I learned the "old school" way.  Coach just threw us in the water and it was literally "sink or swim"!  :)  My mom said she felt so sorry for us but honestly, I don't remember a thing and have always loved the water too!  "Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights" (lyrics from the song "Summer Nights").  This was one of the hit songs in Grease.  It was my favorite movie when I was just 13 (summer of 1978).  :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, Conrads. This is Atsushi taking your course at Tokai university at first period every Monday and Thursday.

your pictures posted on this makes me feel you enjoyed a lot on summer vacation with your lovely family and friends:-)

How's your summer vacation in Japan last year?

Anonymous said...

Tokai 1bjj1130 Asami

I read this entry.
I want to make good memories with my friends in next summer.

Kotori NIwano said...

I want to see your favorite movie.

Anonymous said...

I am 3bpe2128 Yoshiyuki Yazawa of Tokai university.
I do not go to the sea this year.
Therefore I wanted to go to the sea in next year

Unknown said...

I'm Mahmoud I think you spent fun vacation the question is where do you plan to spend your next vacation ?

Salem said...

Since you like goin to the beach, have you ever been to shirahama,shizouka.They have an amazing beach and resorts over there!!.

Unknown said...

they best way to learn is to just throw him in the water the old fashion way

Anonymous said...

Tokai univ 3bjj3109 Hajime Kitamura

I read this entry.
It was very interesting.
In my case,My elementary school teacher taught me how to swim.
By the favor,I am good at swimming.:)