Monday, March 31, 2008

California Dreaming

This is my first time to write in my Blog outside of Japan.
I'm currently back in CA for our spring break. Our tour just finished today. 6 students joined and we had a wonderful time. Check our HP for "event photos ".

Our state nickname is the Golden State and it became the 31st state to enter the union in 1850 right after the gold rush. Here are some interesting facts about CA. We're the largest wine-producing state in the U.S. The first McDonalds opened in CA in 1948. The California Redwood is the tallest tree in the world at 112 meters (396 feet). They are over 3000 years old. The hottest day in the U.S. was recorded in Death Valley, CA on July 10, 1913 at 56.7 degree C (135 F). Death Valley is also the lowest point in the U.S. at 282 feet below sea level.

The size of CA is a little bigger than Japan but has only 31 million people (compared to Japan's 128 million). LA is the biggest (3.5 million) and most famous city but Sacramento is its capital. My hometown of Stockton just 30 miles south of Sacramento. Stockton has 2 really good points. The weather is great with 185 sunny days per year. The location is quite good as well. We're just a couple of hours drive from Lake Tahoe and Yosemite and just over an hour away from San Francisco (130kms). These are my 3 favorite places in CA. Start your dream. Visit California!