Monday, November 30, 2009

"Shichi-go-san"(七五三) & "Koyo"(紅葉)

November 15 is "shichi-go-san.(七五三)" It is the event where parents celebrate a child's growth. "Shichi-go-san" means "seven-five-three." Three or seven year-old girls and five-year old boys are taken to a temple or shrine and the parents pray for their future health and happiness. Children usually wear traditional kimonos and take pictures at a professional studio.

We enjoyed being a part of our (Aki's) nieces celebration this past month. Here are some pictures of lovely Nana-chan (7) and Hana-chan (3).

November is also the best month of the year to see and enjoy the beautiful "koyo(紅葉)" (colorful leaves). I am sometimes asked if the leaves change colors in California or if we have 4 seasons (Yes, we do!). Many think that California has just one season, summer! The leaves do change colors in California albeit you cannot see such brilliant shades of reds, oranges and yellows as you do here in Japan. Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Kyoto(京都)/Arashiyama(嵐山).