Monday, January 05, 2015


It's 2015!  This will be an exciting year.  My son will turn 5 and I'll turn the big 5-0!  I wish I could stop the aging process, but nothing is permanent, including youth.  I'm getting used to my middle-aged years and am starting to embrace them.  As I do become older, I'd like to think that I have become wiser too.  I feel that I am a little less selfish and that I am a more worldly person now.  I know it's taken me a lot longer than the average person and I have plenty of room to grow and learn. :)  There are other good points of getting older.  Soon I'll be able to get discounts at my local movie theater.  I can join the "50 and over" basketball league.  Oh, and I've always said that I'll take up golf in my 50's.  One reason for this is that I want to be able to hang out with my friends back in California.  So watch out friends back home, ha ha!

2014 was good as usual.  It just keeps getting better watching our son grow.  He brings us smiles & laughter every day.  Our school is still going steady and keeping us happy.  I enjoy seeing my students both inside and outside of class.  My part-time university jobs provide a nice different teaching environment.  I like the contrast between teaching large classes & the small groups at my own school.

These pictures were taken at Zion National Park in Utah, Calaveras Big Trees in California and at Ninomiya Shrine in Odawara.