Saturday, February 13, 2016

A half a century old!

Life after 50 ain't so bad.  Honestly, I secretly always just wanted to make it to this age.  I don't feel different at all mentally.  Physically, that's another story!  I somehow magically gained 5 lbs., added an inch to my waist and increased the size of my "love handles".  :)  I already promised my wife I wouldn't pull out anymore gray hairs after I turned 50.  She's worried I'm going to lose my hair.  And I have to admit, it's one of my worries too, ha ha.  I bought Rogaine last time I was home and will start using it from tomorrow.

I mentioned before about the good points of entering the 50's generation.  Movie discounts (which I haven't used yet) and entering the 50's age group for sports.  I did enter the Orange Marathon next month and would like to try an aquathon (swim & run) this summer.  Really, I just want to 
keep healthy and enjoy time with my family (and friends).