Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Favorite 5

This year in Feb. Taiga turned one.  Raising this happy and healthy boy has been the best thing that could have ever happened to us.  He didn't start walking until almost 14 months but has been quick with his tongue.  It's interesting how he's learning to put together 2-word phrases.  He knows the word "no" (one of his most used words!) and he knows the word "more".  Today when I asked if he wanted more milk, he answered "no more".  He also even blurted out a 3-word phrase, "one more please".  For me, this is such a fun and interesting time to watch him learn and play with words.  Some say when you're raising a bilingual child, the development is slower as they have 2 languages to input/output.  Taiga just loves to talk (jabber), so maybe it won't affect him.  He's also forming quite a personality.  He loves to entertain us and make us laugh.  :)   Click this to see Taiga "GO"!

In March, we met my parents in Hawaii.  Taiga only gets to meet his CA grandparents once a year.  This was also just a couple of weeks after 3/11, so the time away and being together with family made it that much more special.

In June, Aki turned 40.  I still tell her that she looks like she's in her 30's (and that we both look the same age, JK!).  We celebrated her birthday at the Shangri La hotel in Tokyo.  It was our first ever stay at a 5-Star hotel and I would love to make it an annual event. 

Summertime was nice.  We live just a couple minute's walk from the sea.  There's a rocky beach and there's a swimming pool that's only open from mid-July til the end of August.  Japanese summers are miserably hot and humid so this was a welcome relief for us.  It's still free for Taiga to enter and just a few dollars for adults. 

Party! Party! Party!  This year's parties were a blast.  I'm really lucky to have such good friends and students.   (pictured are CEH summer party at Shalamer, Halloween party at Shalamer & CEH x-mas party at Ohashi)
Note:  I've posted each and every month for the past 5 years.  From next year, I'll only post sporadically.  Please come back and check.  Have the best "Year of the Dragon" in 2012!