Thursday, December 24, 2009

Highlights of 2009

Lots of things to like about 2009. Here are just a handful of them:
On our annual visit home to California, this time we also got to take a trip with my brother Kevin, his wife Cheryl and our cousin Ann.
Aki really liked the Grand Canyon and I really enjoyed Las Vegas! :)
Going to Yosemite is always one of our favorite places too.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Bruce in Krabi,Thailand. He took me kayaking to one of his secret spots. The food, the Thai massages, the smiles, I just love that country.

My passion for teaching English is still strong. Along with teaching the adults & kids at my school,

I also started teaching at Tokai University.

Winning the "Over 40" Shonan Basketball tournament was very exciting. I'm lucky to be on a team with some former (Japanese) college players and one who even played semi-pro ball (company league). We are also quite tall for a Japanese team. Our starting 5 (which I'm not) averages over 6 feet tall.Going back for my 25-year high school reunion was also very special to me. I hadn't seen most of the guys & gals for 20 years plus. It felt really good to see the old familiar faces again. (pictures on my October Blog)

But the biggest and best news of 2009 was Aki becoming pregnant!
We're expecting our first baby (a boy!) in Feb. 2010! Everybody look out for the Year of the "Taiga" (Tiger).

On a sad note, we saw the passing of our dear Grandpa Henry. We were all hoping he'd make it to the century mark and he almost did. He lived life to its fullest and I will strive to do the same.