Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Anniversary

In 1960, 3 very good things happened. The Beatles were born. JFK was elected President. And my parents got married on this very day 50 years ago!
As a child, I always felt my parents had a happy and good marriage; I still do. They hardly fight which I think is healthier than never fighting at all. :) They're both basically easy-going and my mom never stays mad for long. I'm still trying to learn how to do this, haha.

So far I've been to two Golden Anniversary parties. The first was my grandpa & grandma's. My parents and aunts & uncles gave them a nice party and invited many relatives and friends. I hoped my brothers and I could do something like that for our parents. We invited a few relatives, including my dad's sister from Arizona. We also invited a few of our parents closest friends; friends that they've had since they were in high school. And we managed to keep this all a secret from them and pull off a "Surprise" 50-year anniversary party! Most of that thanks goes to Kevin/Cheryl for making all the arrangements. The party took place a couple of weeks ago. This is because we could only be in CA until mid-August.
The party was held in Lake Tahoe , one of my favorite nature spots.

Aki and I only have 44 more years to go until we hit our Golden Anniversary! I'll only be 88 years old, LOL! That birthday will be extra special since 88 is a very lucky number here in Japan. So Taiga, when you're old enough to read this, please don't forget about us. :)