Monday, April 26, 2010

Pavement performs in Japan

Earlier this month, I got to see my childhood friends (from Morada) perform in Tokyo. What made it even more special was to hang out with them before, watch them from backstage and then chat with them a bit after their show finished. Thanks Scott and Steve! I got the same royal treatment the last time they were here back in '99, right before they split up. They were good then, but Pavement's reunion tour was awesome. I have to admit, I don't really know their music and mainly know them because these guys were my best buds back in grade school through junior high. We branched out in high school but would still always stop and chat when we ran into each other.

I think it was for my 10th birthday that my dad drove me and a few of my friends, including Scott & Steve to a Golden State Warriors game (no Sac Kings back then). I remember those guys talking in the van about what they'd call their rock band if they had one. I can clearly remember them saying names like "Concrete" for hard rock and I'm pretty sure they even mentioned the name "Pavement" that night too. Of course, this could just be wishful thinking on my part. :)

Suddenly all these old memories start popping up in my head. One has to do with Scott's dad. He along with Mr. Platt coached our local soccer team for several years. On top of that thankless job, he drove us to a skateboard park an hour away on several occasions. I took for granted that type of generous giving of one's time back then. "So Mr. Kannberg, thank you very much for driving us little rascals around"! BTW, I think I was the only rascal, LOL!

I also remember one time in jr. high when Mrs. Malkmus drove us to Tower Records. One of them bought a Beatles album and I bought "The Sugar Hill Gang". That was right about the time when our musical tastes started to diverge. It's also interesting how upon entering high school, music often pulls you to "belong" to a certain clique.

I can still remember playing one on one with Steve at his house and slam-dunking at my house with Scott (got pics. to prove it too, oh yeah, we were jumping off something, hehe). During those days, I was taller than both of them. Now Scott is near 6 foot and Steve's around 6 foot 2. Me? ummm...5' 8".

Anyway, I've got countless memories of childhood youth spent with those guys. It's funny how when you know a guy when you're 10, you already know their character. They may become famous and change a bit but they're still the same good ol guys that you knew when you were 10. :)

ps After the comment left by "anonymous", I searched for some "old school" pics. and found some gems. Can you find Scott and Steve?