Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you and good bye 2013

I had another great year in my "year of the snake" 2013!  Taiga turned 3 and started talking even more.  I don't know who he gets it from but the kid doesn't stop talking.  :)  I'm happy to say that he enjoys speaking in both English and Japanese and can switch back and forth quite naturally.  He started nursery school and has made new friends.  Every day he sings us songs and dances around the house.  Here's one of his dances.  http://youtu.be/KDzJaaICbjQ  He also loves playing with his cars, trains and legos.  My favorite game to play with him is "wrestling".  Aki has gotten better at playing ukulele and has continued to cook us delicious and nutritious meals.  Our school is on year number 8 already and holding steady.  I'm enjoying teaching our students and working part-time at the universities.  I'm trying to stay in shape and my goal is still to play basketball with Taiga as he grows up.  The best part of 2013 was going back to CA in the summer and seeing family and friends.  Let's have the best 2014.  Good health and happiness to all in the year of the horse!