Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My brother's visit

Wish this was my bathroom!
Care for a swim?
2 cousins hanging out!
View from our room

Waiting to see Captain EO
2 cute mice!
Fathers and sons in Atami
There's nothing like having family come visit!  My older brother, Kevin, and his family just left for California.  Our boys are just 3 years apart in age and it was fun watching them play together.  Luckily young boys tend to like the same things (cars, trains and games), so they got along very well.   This was also a vacation for us too.  We got to stay at the Ritz-Carlton with my brother's family compliments of his hotel points.  A beautiful sunset and view of Mt. Fuji could be seen from our 50th floor room.  After dinner, I enjoyed a dip in the pool and jacuzzi all by myself.  Nothing like Puttin' on the Ritz!  We also enjoyed staying at Disneyland, Atami and Ginza.  After all that fun, it's always hard to say goodbye.  We miss them!  Hopefully one day my younger brother and his family (4 kids!) will visit us too.  :)


Ken said...

Great pics bro. Looks like a fun vacation!

Ken said...

Great pics bro! Looks like everyone had a great time! Hope we see you soon!

kotori niwano said...

I love Disneyland!I am going to go to Disneyland on summer vacation.

Kotori Niwano said...

I love Disneyland!You are similar to brother.

Anonymous said...

It is enviable sunset of Mount Fuji is seen. I also would like to see someday. from Hokuto Ikarashi

Anonymous said...

I am 3bpe2128 Yoshiyuki Yazawa of Tokai university.
It is enviable that there is a pool in the house of the teacher.

Unknown said...

I'm Mahmoud the pics are very nice the question is do you want to visit him soon?

Unknown said...

ritz-carlton so fancy hotel

Salem said...

Whats better than a family reunion !