Sunday, July 20, 2014

Capsule Hotel

I like capsule hotels.  They are cheap at 3800 yen (about $38) a night and I can take a nice hot bath & sauna.  Before going to your capsule, you put your belongings into a locker and change into the PJs that are provided.  Inside your capsule, there's a TV, clock radio & reading light.
There's just enough room to be comfortable inside at 2m by 1m and 1m high.  A couple of drawbacks are the snoring & alarms that start ringing from 5am.  However, if you can go back to sleep easily, it's not too bad.

I use them once or twice/year.  If I'm in Tokyo and have to be back the next day, it's more convenient to stay over night.  I can save time and money.  If you miss the last train home or just want to experience something a little different, try a capsule hotel next time!

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yuki matsutaka 4bbm2119 said...

I have not been to the capsule hotel.I want to go something.